Closing Sales – Presenting The Summary

This is my 14th article of our series of 20 on closing the sale and Becoming an All-Star Salesperson. Today, we complete the Present portion of the sales call.

There are four parts to making a good presentation. One-introduce the problem or need; two-tell your approach to the solution; three-give your specific solution; and four-summarize what you say.

Today, we’ll focus on part four-the summary. In the previous three articles, we introduced the problem that you intend to solve. We pretended that you’re a financial adviser talking to someone who manages all of his own investments. “Last time we spoke, we mentioned that you are your own financial adviser. This takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of research and it takes a lot of expertise.”

Then we gave our overall approach to the problem that we intend to solve. “So the solution that we have to this problem is simply to hire a professional money manager to handle your investments. This saves you a lot of time. The research you need gets done more efficiently and effectively and you utilize professional expertise.”

Then we gave our specific solution. “Here’s why it is to your advantage to retain our money management consulting service to simplify and professionalize the investment management process. For an inclusive fee, our company will define your objectives, custom tailor an asset allocation plan for your risk tolerance, monitor and review performance, monitor and compare your investment manager against the alternative managers, provide a full time financial consultant to answer your questions and recommend the options. Of course, we’ll implement all of the transactions.”

You then finish up your presentation by summarizing what you said. “Remember, this all started because being your own financial adviser takes a lot of time, a lot of research and a lot of expertise. So hiring a professional money management consultant solves the problem and gets you better results by using our professional processes that I just described.”

Incidentally, this is a great time to pause, and write your own summary down.

What you’ve just done: you’ve learned to summarize your solution by repeating the problem, your general approach to solving that problem or need, and your specific answer. This reminds your prospect of the context of his problem and your solution. You can use this principle professionally or personally and you’ll get better results in all of your persuasion efforts.

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