How to Make Presentations That Audiences Will Love

Have you ever met anyone who wanted to be booed off the stage? Anyone who didn’t want the audience to love their presentation?

I didn’t think so.

The problem isn’t usually that people don’t want to have the audience love them. It’s that they frequently don’t know how to achieve that lofty goal.

In this article, I’m going to give you a six-part blueprint for making presentations the audience will love.

1. Know who your audience is before you do anything else. Every audience is different. But like any good niche marketer you need to be precise in who you target your presentations to. You need to have a good idea of a representative audience member. The more you know about this virtual person, the more likely you’ll deliver what the audience in general wants to hear about.

2. Determine what motivates your audience. People are motivated by three principle emotion or situations. A current problem. Fear of a particular result. Or the desire for a particular result. With any other media, you need use these motivators to encourage your audience to purchase your product and then listen, watch or read your product. The same thing applies with your speech. These motivators must appear throughout your offering in order to be successful.

3. Provide your audience with a real answer. Once you know your audience’s motivators, you need to provide them with resolution. That means you need to provide them with a solution, a plan to avoid or a plan to achieve. This is how you will capture and hold your audience’s attention.

4. Design your presentation for your audience. Your audience needs more than just the solution. They may need the solution presented in a particular manner. They may need a certain depth of information or just a very light treatment. They may need you to focus on particular elements of the solution. Their needs must be included in your organization of your speech.

5. Deliver the answer with passion. Have you ever sat through a presentation where the speaker droned on? Boring wasn’t it. When you deliver your answer to the audience you need to do it with passion. After all, this answer is important to you isn’t it? It matters doesn’t it? Then put that passion, that importance into your voice.

6. Deliver the presentation with confidence. It seems foolish but the truth is the more confident you are in your presentation the more your audience will believe that you are an expert in that area. Confidence is one of the characteristics that people use to judge your ability. After all, if the speaker is confident they must have a reason for that confidence. True?

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