Presenting an Attractive Image

Anyone who has ever dated, is dating, or is about to enter the dating game has definitely noticed that when it comes to being physically attractive, not all couples are with their match. You often see a really good looking guy or a really good looking girl with a not-so good looking partner. Psychologists say that it’s because the partner that isn’t as good looking brings something else to the table, and they are absolutely correct. The good looking person sees something in them that they don’t see in other people.

What is it they see? Often, an aspect of their partner’s personality really appeals to them. This aspect is often projected in the image the person presents. Basically, they are presenting an attractive image, one that you might not see at first glance, but one that is definitely present.

When it comes to dating, the way you present yourself can be more important than what you look like. A large part of dating and dating success hinges on how you present yourself. If you’ve been reading dating advice columns, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the basics by now: pay attention to your clothes, be hygienic, stay well groomed, make sure you smell nice, etc., and while the physical aspect of your image is important (after all, no one wants to date someone who looks like a goon), what is more important is what you project. What’s the point of looking great if you can’t show that you are great.

An attractive person often presents a very positive attitude. They have a great sense of humor, they are generally cheerful people who are quick to smile and are open to laughing at jokes. They also look like the type of person you can approach, trust, and tell secrets to. Their undesirable behavior, such as being clumsy, is seen as cute simply because they have such a great attitude towards their little mishaps. They are the people that you often stop and think to yourself: “She’s not particularly good looking, but there’s something about her…” You must admit, what’s been presented is a very attractive image.

How does this help you? Well, think about what image you are presenting. Is it an attractive image? Sometimes we’re so focused on looking good and saying the right things, that we’re too nervous to let that winning personality shine through. We’re too nervous to let people see that something else that we can bring to the table.

So, next time, though you should definitely focus on looking good, try thinking about how other people see you and what you are projecting. Chances are, you will feel so confident knowing that there is something about you no one else has, and that someone will definitely love!

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