Tracking Down the Financial Future by Passionately Pursuing the Present

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know the future? Can you imagine the advantage that you would have if you had a better glimpse into future events? Well, perhaps this is why futurists are so gainfully employed. But how do they do it?

First, a good futurist thinker must consider recent history and the present period, he must know it like no other. When Sun Tzu said “know thy self and know thy enemy” that was indeed a wise comment. For futurism strategies to work one must “know the present and know their sector.”

So, considering this let’s discuss the news on February 17, 2009 as an example and see if we can see trends here:

  • Stanford Financial; Houston – New Fraud Case on High Yielding CDs
  • Dow down 250 points at 9:00 AM PST; Closed Down 300 points
  • Obama to sign Stimulus in Denver today
  • Cisco Launches Video Conferencing via Cell Phone Devices
  • Cirrus Satellite Radio gets bailed out Financing & John Malone to prevent BK
  • Rumor: Direct TV setting up Long-term play to own Cirrus
  • Mini-Cooper Auto Makers laying off 1/3 workforce – not immune to slow down
  • Return to Financial Viability plan; Auto Maker Deadline; Rumors ask for more & BK
  • Russia gives helicopters to Bolivia; supposedly to fight Drug War?
  • Bolivia and Peru at odds, tension mounts
  • Japanese Finance Minister Resigns
  • Madoff Doll to Smash made by FL Entrepreneur: Cost $99

Now then, think deeply and consider how these trends work together and what they might mean for the future. For instance, fraud will mean more regulation in the financial sector. What will more regulation mean?

Go ahead and study all these events and ask, what do they mean. Write down the major events for the next month, scan them, you’ll spot the same trends that the top futurists do. Think on this.

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